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Archangel1 (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - 02:24 pm Click here to edit this post
I definitely support the death penalty. I also think that as it is used now it is not particularly effective as a deterant to crime.

Octavian, how can you be so dense. You talk about people having the right to live and Farmer Bob gave you plenty of examples of why your assertion that this is a 'right' is not true. Instead of rebutting, since you cannot, you try to make fun or obfuscate what Bob stated.

How is this for your simple mind. People do not have a right to live. They have a right to not be murdered. Note, I did not say not die or not be killed. Executing a prisoner is not murder. Its not even close to the definition of murder.

I also do not understand why it is so hard to understand how having to kill, note again I say kill, not murder, another person can give one a better appreciation of life? I certainly understand this concept. A moral person serving in the military, defending his family, a person defending himself, serving as police officer, or otherwise exercising correct, moral action that results in killing another most certainly should have a greater appreciation for human life.

Instead of making fun of Bob or deliberately acting stupid, make a real argument. Or not as just from what I have seen you would lose.

I will even give the single biggest reason that the death penalty is moral and just even assuming you can convince me that life is a 'right'. You seem to be one of those people who forget with every right comes a responsibility. When you do not live up to that responsibility, i.e. you comit one of those crimes Johanas listed, you forfeit your right. It is both just and moral to impose the death penalty on anyone who fails in that responsibility and given up this so-called right.

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