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Octavian Caesar (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - 11:19 am Click here to edit this post
Venture above the artic circle in your birtday suit. Will the freezing cold respect your right? Eh?

Attempt to swim the Atlantic. Will the ocean heed your right?- Eh?

Will cancer or any other disease leave your body because it is your right not to die?- Eh?

Your death is encoded in your DNA.
Bullshit! Nobody knows for certain.

In many nations, you could have been killed as a fetus at the whim of your mother. Where is your right? -They have been taken from me!

In some cultures, you could have been killed by your father as you are his property. Where is your right?-They have been taken from me!

Should you be convicted of a capital offense in many countries, you will be executed. Where is your right?-They have been taken from me!

There are places in this world whose natives will happily kill you for being different from them. Where is your right? Oh really I doubt its for being different!

Our Western societies espouse respect for human life from moral perspectives. And societal morals are a fickle lot. Agreed, just look at the posts on here!

Auschwitz. Gulags. Cambodian "Reeducation Camps".
Bosnia. The Interahamwe. Camp 22.

Where where those peoples rights?- They were taken from them! Innocent people have had there rights taken away for centuries by evil greed so its fine to take a convicted criminals away. That what you getting at?

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