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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - 10:32 am Click here to edit this post
You have a right to life Octavian?

Venture above the artic circle in your birthday suit. Will the freezing cold respect your right?

Attempt to swim the Atlantic. Will the ocean heed your right?

Will cancer or any other disease leave your body because it is your right not to die?

Your death is encoded in your DNA.

The value we place on life is a humanistic value formulated through human thought. Get this fact. SOME PEOPLE PLACE NO VALUE ON HUMAN LIFE.

In many nations, you could have been killed as a fetus at the whim of your mother. Where is your right?

In some cultures, you could have been killed as a child by your father as you are his property. Where is your right?

Should you be convicted of a capital offense in many countries, you will be executed. Where is your right?

There are places in this world whose natives will happily kill you for being different from them. Where is your right?

Some criminal may one day be in a position to end your life for no other reason than he feels like it. Where will be your right then?

Our Western societies espouse respect for human life from moral perspectives. And societal morals are a fickle lot.

Auschwitz. Gulags. Cambodian "Reeducation Camps".
Bosnia. The Interahamwe. Camp 22.

Where where those peoples rights?

If you truly revere human life, be prepared to take others and risk your own doing it. Spouting off about the value of life without ever putting your own ass on the line is what's truly F*cked up.

Whatever "rights" you think you have were bought from the blood of people who actually cared about life enough to give their own in its defense. Those same theorectical "rights" are also maintained by people willing to deny others their "right to life" as well as make their own ultimate sacrifice for you tomorrow.

Yes. Taking life can indeed increase one's appreciation for its value.
Yes. Some people can kill as naturally as breathe.
Yes. Some people are born evil. We have a long list of psychological names for them.

Free life lesson:
The last thing the real world can be descibed as is logical.

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