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Orbiter (Fearless Blue)

Monday, November 24, 2008 - 05:55 pm Click here to edit this post
I'm sorry BC if you didn't get my point.

lets use a current example, gay marriage. I'm not here to discuss the rights or wrongs of it. I'm against it. And in the recent vote in the state, it was voted down. But prior to the vote, it was expected to pass, or remain legal, what ever.

The magority of the voting power in California, is in San Fransisco, and LA. I'm from Sisykiyou County, to the extreme north, and where as we might be tolerant of homosexuals, we don't feel that they should be allowed to marry. Now this is how we feel, but our ability to make that choice, is well, we don't have the ability. The choice of what we have to except, is made by voters in LA, who are as different from us as night and day.

My point is, if you did something such as combining Oregon, Washington, and California, as an example, you'd have three liberal strongholds of LA, San Fransisco, and Portland, forcing liberal values on a rural population that overall don't agree with.

Making bigger government, less personal. Votes are of course the most important part of a democratic process, but when votes via geographical regions over whelm other regions... and force others to except values that they don't agree with... to a degree i feel that is good, but i also feel it is bad.

In the past the people of Northern California, and Southern Oregon separated from their respective states, and formed a new state "Jefferson," for these basic reasons. Ofcourse the specific issues of the time were different, but the same friction exists.

Recently in California a law was passed banning the use of non-fire resistant siding for houses. Meaning no wooden siding. Other siding is considerably more expensive... Ok, people in LA have more money and can afford that, people in remote locations, well can't.

Years ago, my home town had 3 gas stations, CA passed a law that required more carefull storage of gasoline. OK, makes sence, but none of the gas stations in my home town could afford to upgrade their storage, and went out of business...

The examples in CA go on and on. Last i looked at the demographs of CA, (and its been a while,) if you assigned one Rep per 100k people, LA would have over 200, my home county would have 1. So in a vote, if the NorCal, disagrees with the south, who wins?

Making larger government lesser personal.

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