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Orbiter (Little Upsilon)

Monday, November 24, 2008 - 03:19 am Click here to edit this post
i wasn't compairing CA to OR. i was pointing out that most of the voting populations of those two states are centered around specific metro areas

yes, larger cities create the basis of economy, but if succesful urban economy is justification enough to allow it to over rule a poorer rural economy, then why don't we base all future votes on the amount of money some one makes in a year? those people who are making more money are contributing more to the economy, and deserve a greater say...

of course i think my last statement is ridiculous, but to simply say that because their is a strong economy in portland, that they deserve a greater say in what happens in klamath falls... to a degree, ok, but klamath falls has its own local government, that allows it to be run more appropriately. otherwise you get what you had a few years ago, when between water rights for the salmon runs, and water to protect the "sucker fish" the local farmers where not allowed to have water to farm.

making a decision like that, doesn't effect the voters of Portland, so why should they care? the farmers will receive supplemental income from the feds, (often it covered the payments for their farm equipment,) and the farmers can do something else... and 10ish years before that, it was the spotted owl.

its easy for a large population to make a law that effect only a small percentage of people, that they wont actually have to face. the larger the goverment, the less personal it becomes. its easy for me to sit half way across the world and have an opinion on what should happen in iraq, when i've never been their. infact, as i understand it, it is this general thread of forcing American will across the world, has made the American government disliked world wide.

i currently live in CA, a blue state, but disagree with gay marriage, i disagree with abortion, i disagree with gun control. i beleive in less goverment, less taxes, a strong military, ect... so i'm a red vote, but because Cali is so blue, my red vote will never amount to anything in the presidential election. However if the electoral thing was divided out amoung the percent of vote, i might feel that my voice wont get swallowed out by the over whelming influence of LA or San Fransisco.

i very much beleive in local goverment, and i that should not be taken from me. redividing the country into larger states, will just allow populated zones like NYC, LA, ect to enforce policies that don't work in rural areas... if this is a theoretical discussion, i'm very much against it...


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