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Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 10:52 pm Click here to edit this post
Thankyou. I hope I am.
Ok. I said "Have you not seen the state the people of Capitalizum are in?"
You said "I have, in fact, seen the state that my country is in and I am quite pleased with it. I don't know where you are but my question to you is what non-capitalist country would you rather live in right now? I'd rather live in this capitalistic country (U.S.) during a great depression than live in those countries in any other times."

Have you had a look at the thread titled: BY THE WILL OF MAN?

Ignore the last third of it. If you want to make a point on it please do so. :)

Back to this thread.
I said "Capitalizum has just bankrupted the world for its own gain."
You said "How are capitalists gaining from bankruptcy when they are the ones being bankrupted? If ANYTHING they cause LESS damage in a recession. Look at the price of crops and oil..... going DOWN."

I say "They knew the risks they were taking and they took them......For their own gains. But the smart people will already be out of the system. They will be waiting on the side lines like a hawk in the branches. It's the rest of you that will pick up the tab for the failure of the risks. As you are doing so. They knew the idea was unsustainable. This is not a hick up like in the past. Where you could ask another country to lend you some money to get through it. This is a world wide realisation that the situation we are in is bankrupt.
And without the credit to oil the system, the system has ground to a stop."

Which is going to make it even harder for the UN to sort out the things that we expect from them.

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