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ASSETS (Golden Rainbow)

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coolwind (Golden Rainbow)

Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 04:17 pm Click here to edit this post
thanks guys, it has to be more than cash plus supplies though Niko.

LOL Lex yes you have a point as well. The only reason I ask is to try and influence the assets figure for the IPO.
A month ago I just IPOd them as soon as and it was more fun then , for me anyway.

Don't matter anyhow, cos if no-one nows then none of us are at a disadvantage LOL.

here is one of a few I did less than a month ago with assets of 66B and value of 11.1B.

I like it better before the change. I'm getting fed up waiting now !LOL

Hebron Chemicals IPO FEB 11 2594
12.52 26TH OCT Real Time 2008

IPO succesfully executed.
New shares created succesfully.

Product: Chemicals
Latest Market Price: 1,531 SC$ per ton
Corporation Type: public corporation
Founded: April 11 2592
Total Number of Shares Outstanding: 102 Million
Shares you own: 100 Million
Percentage of Shares owned: 98.0%
Estimated Market Value in Gold Coins: 0.02 GC
Located in: Kimberleigh
Controlled by: Kimberleigh
Public Offering: perform a Public Offering

General Data
Products Sold Current Month 3,256.14M SC$
Cash Available Now 46,623.53M SC$

Products Sold Last Year 33,330.21M SC$
Profit Last Year 5,702.98M SC$
Net Profit Last Year 4,754.88M SC$
Products Sold Last Month 3,101.68M SC$
Profit Last Month 583.44M SC$
Net Profit Last Month 523.26M SC$
Assets 66,403.06M SC$
Market Value 11,186.39M SC$
Outstanding Loans 0.00M SC$
Value of Supplies 5,617.30M SC$
Production Last Month 1,047,576
Production Level Last Month 116.40 %
Employment Level Last Month 100.00 %
Production Process Quality 141
Quality of the Product 203.9
Production Process Effectivity 140
Welfare Index 116.4

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