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Friday, November 21, 2008 - 06:27 pm Click here to edit this post
I would like you to refrain from using the word BULLSHIT when referring to my thoughts and my interpretations on what you think.
You could say, "what made you interpret what I said to mean 'So you would have us live in a dog eat dog world'?"

Then I would say: "Now you said:
'The UN does not promote social equity. It promotes taking from the US and other wealthier, usually European, countries and giving to poorer ones. Much like the falacy that a progressive tax system, i.e. those with higher incomes pay more taxes, is just or fair. I call bullshit.'

When people lose hope some turn to the darkside.
It's caused by either desperation or losing the will to live thus losing the reason to care.
Once the Darkside out ways the Lightside the streets become ruled, not by law and order, but by desire and chaos. Then we have the situation of natural selection and the big dog will eat the smaller dog."

You see. Peace&Hardcore.

Then, instead of wanting to show you what BULLSHIT realy means, I can spend my time reading and learning the things that I need to know to work out what should and could be done to save our futures enviroment.

Sam: AKA Johanas.

You have said this before and I have told you that I wont play roulette with our futures enviroment. All the data that is starting to come through from the experiments and research that has been going on over the past 20 years is showing that we are causing a major problem. One that might well have the same effect as one of your predicted ways of life being destroyed. :(

Quote: 'Even still, they have adequate standards of living. None of them have to go hungry, or sick. We have charity hospitals, and charity food lines. We have free educational opportunities and vocational training. We're doing what we can to take care of the poor, they just aren't taking care of themselves.'

Are you a Yank or a Brit?
I think you r a Brit. Have you not seen the state the people of Capitalizum are in?
Families queing up hoping to get a roof over their head for the night. Families queing up outside food charity's hoping to get some food for their kids.
And this is just the beginning.
Capitalizum has just bankrupted the world for its own gain.
It's up to us to sort this mess out. And if we all did our bit then we might find a way. Then it would only take one person from any situation to tip the status quo and change the world.

;) You know the coup.

I like the way you put down what you think. It flows nicely.
And also what you think.

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