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BorderC (Kebir Blue)

Friday, November 21, 2008 - 03:58 pm Click here to edit this post
To address a few different people...

"Border, US was not an "ally" of Iraq. They were enemies of Iran."

Right, that's why I used quotation marks. Still, I probably should have just said partner since "ally" is a pretty strong word. Anyways, I'm on your side, man!

"Great people need no oppurtunity they make their own.It only takes one person to change the world."

Maybe you should find out what is going on in some of these poverty stricken places where people don't have what it takes to meet their biological or security needs. Again, I think you may be less of a realist and more of an idealist...


I suppose we may just have a difference in perception. I'm a pretty conservative person in most regards but its because I see the opportunities that exist for everybody in our (the U.S.) capitalistic society. Yes, there are huge pay gaps between classes but I know of no major society where that doesn't occur - socialist, communist, capitalist, whatever.

The thing is, the only people that I have met that really don't have chances are the mentally ill, and people that have screwed up their own lives (through addictions, felonies, etc.). Now there are thousands, or millions of people that are too lazy, or make excuses, or have different priorities, but they have the same opportunities as everybody else and decided not to take them.

Even still, they have adequate standards of living. None of them have to go hungry, or sick. We have charity hospitals, and charity food lines. We have free educational opportunities and vocational training. We're doing what we can to take care of the poor, they just aren't taking care of themselves.

And yes, I would say (or at least hope) that we have a meritocratic system because I think that is the most fair and efficient system of distributive justice. Who, except the undeserved, wouldn't want to be rewarded based on their efforts?

I don't disrespect socialism, per se, but while it looks good on paper, I don't think it's efficient or effective in practice in our circumstances. Maybe when we've formed the more perfect society, or at least a relatively good one it will naturally develop from there....

There, that should take care of everything...

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