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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 - 05:06 pm Click here to edit this post
These Quotes are from the Thread Jerusalem. As the UN is a large subject matter I thought I would start a new thread. :)

Not to mention the amount of UN resolutions that they choose to violate.
This is why Jersualem should be the capital of humanity and not the capital of the Jews.

Ari 1>
Nix, if you read the UN resolutions carefully you will realize that the only reason they were passed is because the US put in language that was vague and allowed for multiple interpretations. The other issue with them is that Israelis do not fully consider the UN to be a viable international body.

For one thing, the UN is primarily third world nations that are not democracies. Would you put your sovereignty and lives in the hands of a group that constantly calls for your death and destruction? Do you think that Israel would bow to the countries behind Khartoum?

Another issue is that the UN has repeatedly abandoned Israel when they were tasked with keeping the peace. Why should Israel bend its will to a group that strengthens its enemies while weakening Israel's own positions? Consider the UNEF force in Sinai.

The UN is perhaps the greatest waste of premium real estate on the planet. Not to mention the trillions of dollars, euros, yen, pounds, shekels, ect they have wasted without any results to show for it.

Its an Anti-American/Anti-Israel bash fest at our considerable expense.

Well lets cut the expense. I think we could find a lot of uses for the extra billions we spend on funding our enemies soapbox.

30 days notice to vacate or just surprise them with moving vans?

Sam. Those who are wrong deserve to be bashed.
If the UN was given the respect that it deserves it would get alot more done. It's people like you who try to belittle it that creates the situation where it finds it hard to become a force for good. Shame on you Sam.

The UN gets all the respect it deserves.

Its a waste of time and resources.

Both would be put to much better use elsewhere.

We can have votes to end trade boycotts as a "civil rights infringment".

We can hold international summits to condemn Israel.

We can listen to crackpots denounce America from New York City.

But the people in Sudan have been dying for years and nothing is done.

Good job world body! Way to have priorities.

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