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Ari 1

Monday, November 17, 2008 - 04:48 pm Click here to edit this post
Klarina, do you really trust the news to tell you the full story, including all the history? If so, you are naive.

Do you every hear about the almost daily attacks from the Palestinians? The thousands of rockets? The stabbings? The bombings? The rampages? The stonings? No, you hear about a wall that is called a land grab. You don't hear about the massive reduction in attacks since it was put up. You hear about a house being demolished, not the former resident who blew himself up on a bus full of children. You probably saw the devastation in Lebanon, but did you ever think about what you would want if your neighborhood was exploding and your friends kidnapped along an internationally recognized border?

Have you ever lived in a country that psychologically feels like it is at war every second for 60 years? I can't begin to tell you how weird it feels to ride a bus in a country where buses are being blown up weekly. Yet buses are the only way for the vast majority to get around.

I agree there are some messed up things going on in Israel. There has been a refusal to repeat the Atlalena and bring in rogue members of the state. This has led to a precipitous state of affairs in internal Israeli politics and has hurt the ability of the government to make peace. Gaza, on the other hand, has become Israels worst quagmire. The Hamas government vows it will never give up its desire to completely destroy Israel. Hamas only says they will make peace for a dozen or more years while they rearm to have another go at attacking Israel. Who could negotiate with those who wish you dead and only lack the means to do it? The Israeli response however is clearly not working. No matter how bad its people hurt, Hamas does not seem to care and thus the tactic of blockading Gaza will not work. Yet if Israel ends the blockade then it will only give Hamas the opportunity to bring in bigger more effective weapons. We have already seen this once when Hamas upgrading the qassams that hit Sderot with Iranian designed upgrades that reach Ashkelon.

By the way, did you know Israel could get a US made system that could stop the rockets in mid air? The reason why they are not deployed is because there is a reasonable chance that some of the projectiles fired at the missiles would land in Gaza and could hurt someone. Real indiscriminate.

Anyway, the point I am trying to get at is that you are in no position to judge when you do not look at both sides of the issues. The situation in the region is much much more complex than Israel is the big bully. Oh, and trust me, the world has on many circumstances shown that it will not help Israel. Only Germany truely remains a stead fast ally due to the Holocaust. The US support is mainly a result of the right wing evangelical movement. They send the most money to Israel and they are some of the biggest campaigners for Israel. I wonder if you ever read about that in the newspapers you read?

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