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Ari 1 (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, November 16, 2008 - 05:36 pm Click here to edit this post
I spent 8 weeks of my time in Israel living in Jerusalem. Quite a bit of that was spent living in a hostel right inside the Jaffa gate. I also spent time at the Lev Yerushalayim hotel and more time with a family friend who lives in Jerusalem. I spend a considerable amount of time drinking Arabic coffee in the Muslim quarter, visiting churches and buying fresh pita in the Christian, and studying different theologies in the Jewish quarter. One of my favorite things was walking the cobbled streets of the old city in the early hours of the morning.

So perhaps I understand you more. You walked the streets of the old city at 2 AM when the entire Old City would be deserted and all the shops would be closed. Of course things would look similar. However you must have seen when the city is alive that very little is actually similar.

You drank beers at the Damascus gate? What time was this at? You are both ballsy and offensive. The Muslims have a prohibition against alcohol. There are no places directly next to the gate to buy beer. You had to go to West Jerusalem, buy beer, and then take them to one of the most prominent places were you shouldn't drink them.

There are no Kibbutzim in the old City or in Jerusalem for that matter. They are agricultural communities and are generally not located in cities. There are excepts in Tel-Aviv and Haifa but those have been converted to hotels and schools and most no longer consider them to be a Kibbutz. I also spent 3 weeks living on a Kibbutz at Bet Shemesh. I worked on an archaeological dig there. The head archaeologist was a Jerusalemite who took me on a weekend tour of the Old City. Through his professional eyes I saw that even the architecture in the old city is vastly different throughout.

I am curious, what did your stickers say? What was your mission?

I will not go into Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar with you. If you want to learn the actual history of the area then take some courses or read a couple good books. I have already written enough long posts today. To say that the Jews would seek revenge after all this time is just about as stupid as when you said that Jews hate themselves for not preventing the killing of Jesus.

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