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nix001 (White Giant)

Sunday, November 16, 2008 - 05:05 pm Click here to edit this post
Ari 1. For 3 weeks I lived in the Old City. I spent my time walking the streets of the Old City at 2am in the morning sticking stickers on lamp posts and those green and grey electrical boxes on my own. As I said. The only difference between the quarters, except for the Jewish quarter (which has been rebuilt to look like something you would expect in a Uni campus), is the graffiti. Before I would set out each night on my mission I would sit in the garden at Damascus Gate having a couple of beers. I walked down every street of the Old City many times. How long did you spend there and what did you do? I hope it was'nt on a kabutz. I know many people who have been on a Kubutz and if it was you would'nt have gone to places that I went to at the times I went as they would have kept you safe.

About Babylon. What bit of what I wrote is wrong? The quote you have brought up is a theory on why we did what we did to it in the occupation. Whats your problem?
I advise everyone to scroll up and read why I wrote it.

Pluto. I wonder if your a Londoner. If so, I can understand you thinking London is something that it's not. Without Vice London would be nothing.

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