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Saturday, November 15, 2008 - 05:24 am Click here to edit this post
I read what I would call an interesting article in an English paper called The Times about Babylon. Babylon is located in Iraq, and was the cradle of civilization as we know it. It was also where the Jew's went when they left Israel due to a famine. The next bit is disputed, but they either went their by their own will and were made slaves when they arrived, or the people of Babylon made them slaves and took them there. Either way, the Jew's were slaves in Babylon. This is why Rastas use the word Babylon when they are talking about being oppressed by the system. Now, it turns out that not so long ago America and the coalition Forces built a base on the location of the Old City of Babylon, destroying the site, maybe to the point of non-repair. They likened it to driving a tank through stonehenge.
So now I'm asking myself why would we do something like that? And I'm thinking it could be one of three reasons.

1) The Jew's run us and returning to destroy what's left of Babylon is a way for them to deal with that part of their past.

2) The system of Babylon runs us and has become so great through us that it has imploded. Destroying whats left of it's physical form in the process.

3) We just dont give a dam what we destroy.

I find all three hard to swallow, but I can't think of another reason why we would do such a thing.

Any idea's?

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