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Voting for Aid (Security Council) (Kebir Blue)

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Allalian Choriandus (Kebir Blue)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 07:25 pm Click here to edit this post
I'm hopin this is the gripe section, doesn't matter, I'm gonna jot down what I have to say. you have the choice to read it or not. my country has been in debt for 2.5 mos now( this isn't game mos)I know this is my fault, I have asked no help from no one except advice from my neighbor, which I'm beholding to this person. any thing he needs and I can help he needs just to ask. Back in august some idiot who had my slave decided he was gonna park ALL of his military on my border. so I had to put troops in the field and purchase weapons, only after this was done this idiot contacted me an wanted to ally with me to attack my neighbor(the same one)I denied of course and asked him if he had a death wish. my neighbor is strong.from putting these troops on the field and buyin weapons which i shouldn't have bought my country has been takin out loans left and right. I was up to 3T in loans. sucking funds from my slave I have gotten it down to 1.9T but it has been taking it's toll on my slave too. I signed on today, Unfortunately I have had a so called miner earth quake in my main country. 17,412 evacuated 4018 deaths 14,985 wounded cash as of may 09, 2711 189.2BI tryed to ask ceo's to build,no response they are building in 0% tax countries and at this moment i can't offer that. I'm at 30% and I refuse to raise it.
"This is my gripe"
there was also a vote for the security council to give aid, I believe everyone got the message.I won't mention no names, for a 5T untied development aid for this country and this country has already 4.98T in cash, now don't get me wrong, if someone needed help I'd give them the shirt off my back if it would help, but when you already have almost 5T in cash maybe you should spend the cash before asking for aid. This is the second time I've seen a vote for a country like this sense september 08. I don't know how this disaster will end for my countries, but I feel my countries are doomed. in november I renew my subscription, if I go farther in debt I see no use, I gave it my best shot and the earth quake won. Thank you for the time here The Grand State of Celebra (I might change this to Disasterous State)

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