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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 04:58 pm Click here to edit this post
Good luck Ari.


To be honest this bored the hell out of me and I didn't read most of it. Still...

If you had read the argument you would understand my argument.


When it comes down to it:

1. You can't prove anything truly exists in an Absolute and Un-Subjective manner. The only way you could is to 'be reality.'

2. I can't prove there is no absolute reality, as i suffer from the same subjective nature as you do. I can only 'suggest' it as a hypothetical possiblity.

This is an impossible argument on both sides, made harder by the fact we are using a subjective language based on our subjective experience of reality, so we can only define and argue according to our subjectivity, a circle of idiocy.

I think that addresses your question.

My hope goes out to your friend, i can see myself ending up that way. Whilst i don't take drugs, i also never revise, do the work, I skip many lessons and have a very cavalier attitude towards studying in general. Yet after only a month of studying the subjects, i find myself receiving 1st's in papers and exams which usually take years of study to grasp.

I am not proud of this, i actually view it as a personal failing, and explain it through 'luck' or 'good memory.' Who knows where this attitude will leave me when the safety net of university education is taken away.

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