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Deadly Silence

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John R

Monday, November 10, 2008 - 03:31 pm Click here to edit this post
Don't put words in my mouth.

We see order for we wish it, yes. But,

When an event is certain, it is not random, it's certain. When an event will certainly trigger another it is not randomness or uncertainty, it is certainty.

When we connect events and they occur precisely the same from person to person, independent of their thoughts and believes, then that order is independent of them, then that order is universal. And it is because it is certain and independent that we can induce or deduce Universal Laws. So order becomes factual, its existence independent of belief.

What is not factual, what is human and open for discussion is the meaning, the implications and all the other question related with the order of the universe, with the Laws of Physics.

That is not a subject for my hands, but for the hands of philosophy and theology and their branches.

I know Quantum Physics throws a wrench in there somewhere... But I know nothing.

Order. Determinism. Predictability. Association. Free will. These five concepts alone weave a very complex web... Some try to simplify it by adding God. I'm not disturbed.

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