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Nikos (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, November 9, 2008 - 08:48 pm Click here to edit this post
We each have presuppositions in our worldviews. I perhaps understand your presuppositions better than you do mine, because I once completely believed yours or at least a very near variation of it.

I looked at the Greek orthodox faith as practiced around me, listened to the hatred spewed at the Turks, and rejected that faith. I was taught Darwinism and its implicit denial of God and owned it as mine. I absorbed the message of meaninlessness and lack of free will in unversity, but I also had questions.

As I pursued Mathematics and found order and beauty as my Greek fathers before me had when Mathematics was there religion (at least the Pythagoreans). For me personally, the Euler identity brought me face to face with a fact that was hard to bear. Why would there be such a simple relationship between the 5 most fundamental numbers in the universe.

I had been trained to ignore the possibility of God, but here was such profound order that I could not ignore.

You ask me to justify why abortion or euthanasia are morally wrong. I can but it is an opinion, a presupposition, and founding axiom. I believe that if God created man, and breathed a soul into that first man created in God's image, that life is holy and must be cherished and protected, until such time as the creator chooses for that life to end.

You see it is an opinion, a reasoned opinion, as no doubt yours is too. It is an opinion, though based on a fundamentally different view of the world.

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