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Deadly Silence

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Klarina Espinosa

Sunday, November 9, 2008 - 08:37 pm Click here to edit this post


Their are implications to our beliefs. We need to understand them.

Beliefs born of opinion not based upon first-hand experience should be removed entirely from such debates. People who claim that all abortion or euthanasia are wrong based upon their religious belief system alone are oftentimes the sort who have never had to experience a situation where such things become relevant.

When people argue that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, even in the case of pregnancy due to rape, they generally are guided by a narrow system of belief which does not take into account the mental, physical or spiritual wellbeing of the mother, child, or other affected peoples.

People who preach this narrow-minded doctrine are usually only taking into account their own personal belief systems, and attempting to imprint them upon those around them for the sole vindication of their own "moral" code, ignoring completely the subsequent suffering as a result of said actions.

As you no doubt gathered, I am in favour of the victim's right to choose for themselves, up to the point where the unborn child is capable of surviving independantly of the mother. Before that point, she should have the right to choose. Expecting one person to live with the consequences of the dispicable actions of another, completely ignoring her right to a quality of life often unafforded by such physical and mental trauma which inevitably result of such a personal violation, is tantamount to engaging in the act yourself, as you deliberately and purposefully commit them to unending suffering simply for your own "moral" perversions.

There are indeed implications to our beliefs. It is high time the narrowminded masses who oppose the choice and liberties of the individual aknowledged that, and stopped imposing an archaic and nonsensical belief system upon the innocent who need not suffer any longer.

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