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Zetetic Elench dam Kahveh (Golden Rainbow)

Sunday, November 9, 2008 - 12:18 pm Click here to edit this post
Nikos: "Philosophically, Hitler and the Nazis were committed to applying Darwinists principles of survival of the fittest and natural selection to peoples, nations, and races."

Can I point out that this is a perverted view of Darwin's theory. You cannot APPLY natural selection to anything, it immediately becomes ARTIFICAL selection. The same type of selection that has given us breeds of dog that struggle to breathe and walk. Natural Selection is just that, something that happens naturally. I do not deny that Hitler was heavily influenced by Darwin's theory, but he understood it very poorly.

"It is my opinion, that Darwinism naturally devolves to a lower view of humanity. How accepted would abortion and euthanasia be without the prevalent Darwinist ideas of modern society?"

What do you mean by "a lower view of humanity"? Personally, I find it morally abhorent that someone who knows they are going to suffer a long, drawn-out and painful end to their life is not able to ask for help in ending it early.

Likewise, abortion is only considered immoral by religions because of a poor understanding of reproduction when the "Sacred Texts" were written. At the time, the man's seed was considered to be all that was necessary to form a human, and the woman only provided incubating space. Thus, any spillage or wastage of said seed was considered murder. Cue opposition to homosexuality, masturbation and abortion.

We now know that you need both sperm and egg to form a foetus so the argument now becomes, "when can the foetus start to be considered as a fully-formed human?" I do not agree that abortion should be legal right up to the date of delivery. Neither do I think that a sperm+egg that has divided into 16 cells can have the same right of life, liberty and happiness as the mother. Again, I find it immoral that countries such as Ireland can deny abortions in cases of rape where the mother does not want the child, or worse still (as happened in the late '90s), where the mother's and baby's lives would be in danger in giving birth (a 12 year old was raped, became pregnant and was denied an abortion despite the threat to both mother and baby because she was still too small to give birth. Thankfully, she crossed to England to be treated).

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