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Ari 1

Sunday, November 9, 2008 - 12:18 am Click here to edit this post
"if you were to look at the death toll, i am sure you would find Israel's attacks to be much costlier to the civilian population."

Naturally. Israel is a sovereign country with a somewhat to very modern army fighting a guerrilla war against an enemy who stages the fight from civilian areas. All very natural. And naturally the Israelis prefer to bring the fight to the enemy rather than keep it on the home front.

All in all I thought the Israel comment was funny enough.

As for the Holocaust. I cannot disagree with you Dub that there was competition within the upper echelons of the Nazi government and that competition certainly did propel the tragedy onward. At the same time FarmerBob is definitely correct in pointing out that having a "careening and disorganized government" is not correlated to having a tragedy such as the Holocaust. There were many more issues involved and calling the entire process a period of competition for the favor of a strongman is somewhat demeaning to the complexity of history.

I do not think you are a racist Dub, you do not need to prove anything.

"Claims to land etc are pointless"

You can make this argument on an abstract logical and humanist level. If you want to understand real historical or modern conflict, then recognize that claims to land, religion, morality, and nationality are everything.

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