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Diabuli (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 11:43 pm Click here to edit this post
I was using the issue of the Holocaust to demonstrate my first point- the Nazi government was not stable and focussed, and could not have maintained a war against the European powers. I am pretty sure i succeeded in doing so.

I am in no way attempting to undermine the tragedy and horror of what happened, i do not believe i could even if i tried.

History is not the study of how to be 'good' the pursuit of 'moral betterment' or happiness. History is the study of what happened. I addressed a plausable and likely thesis on how these events occurred, based on evidence, which supported my earlier point. To, as you suggest, dumb it down for the moral betterment of Average Joe would do more to insult the topics addressed.

We learn our lessons from History based upon our moral ideals. Masking what truly happened to attempt to encourage a more constructive interpretation is not only futile, but disgusting. The Holocaust being as a result of a careening and disorganised government, rather than a personally directed 'machine' does not reduce it's meaning, it is stil morally abhorrent. We can learn from it that corruption and greediness in positions of responsibility can lead to tragedy. If the historical truth is masked, and we are led to believe the cause was just the actions of a madman, what does that achieve anyway?

The Israel joke was in no way connected to contents of the later argument. But seeing as you brought it up. Israel is no innocent in the struggle that continues to this day. Both sides have killed many, and i can see no justification in either, but if you were to look at the death toll, i am sure you would find Israel's attacks to be much costlier to the civilian population, it's attacks and responses much more devastating. In my view, the only reason the US continues to back Israel is to maintain at least one ally in the Middle East, a stabilising force in the region which is slightly more acceptable to Western principles, but nevertheless, the lesser of two evils.

I do concede the Russia thing, i guess i have an irrational liking for Old Rusky. But i stand firmly by my argument on the Nazi state, after all, it is based on truth.

I am no racist, to attempt to justify this would be pointless and detrimental. People's colour, religion etc makes no difference to me, i will not be biased against them for this, and i will certainly not favour them because of it. All that matters is a person's intentions and the effects of their being. Claims to land etc are pointless, religion, morality and nationality is just an extension of the current established power of the time, thus i do not care for it's mix with History.

However, FarmerBob, when you understand what History is, come back to this topic, until then continue to read 'moral history' like Pliny and Tacitus, your precious 'Morality' would be 'bettered' by it, but you still won't know what the F*** happened.

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