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Ari 1

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 10:07 pm Click here to edit this post
Oh Dub, we cannot be sure of course but I think you might be a little dovish on Russia right now. The ABM systems the US is trying to put in place are a red herring. In all likelihood they would not be able to stop a large scale ballistic attack originating in Russia because of limits on the number of missiles they can stop. Of course that can change in time but lets also consider the vast number of missiles that can be put on a submarine. Only one of those missiles needs to hit in order to be an effective deterrent.

Look at every time the US has meddled in international affairs. There is always a justification and more often than not the justification is based on myth not reason. After all, the international world only needs to be confused long enough for action to take place.

Now lets think about Russia's involvement in Georgia as starting before the recent conflict. Putin comes to power and begins a program of appointing friends and former intelligence workers to government jobs.

He also starts assassination programs against dissidents. Next are the journalists who report on abuse by Russian government and military. International NGOs were ordered to have spies sit in on their meetings. Soon comes corruption charges against leading businessmen and the nationalization of their businesses. The businesses are given to friends or taken as part of state owned operations. Most notable being gas and oil. Additionally, many foreign companies are kicked out of the country on trumped up charges. Poland and Eastern Europe then begin to feel the pressure as fuel shipments originating in Russia are cut off in a bid to raise prices. Also during this time, a Russian submarine plants the Russian flag under the North Pole and Putin declares it part of sovereign Russian territory. Russia also takes advantage of the US embargo on Iran. Russia began building a nuclear reactor for Iran and in exchange is gaining access to an oil rich country and a proxy who is a thorn in the US efforts to keep oil cheap. In a further move, Hugo Chavez visited Russia and met with Medvedev and Putin. On the agenda was a plan to create a natural gas cartel similar to OPEC. Oh and lets not forget that Putin ordered Russian strategic bombers to resume flights.

How does all this relate to Georgia? Well Georgia has been selected as a prime location for a pipeline that will bypass Russia and supply Eastern Europe; thus reducing Moscow's influence. I am not cynical enough to think that there was advanced planning for the war in Georgia on the Russian side. However, who would miss such an opportunity? The whole war from the Russian side was engineered to eliminate Georgia as an economic competitor.

Russia is seeking to do what any large bear that wakes from hibernation does. They are making plays to reestablish themselves as a massive super power in order to gain economically and establish a new world order. Relating Russian actions in Georgia to the US missile shield is appeasement on the lines of Neville Chamberlain.

America, as the benefactor of the sole superpower world order, will not allow Russia to expand unchecked. One bully does not take kindly to another moving into the neighborhood.

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