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What is Simcountry?

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Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 03:16 pm Click here to edit this post
If it was me I would have a cunning plan. I would accidentally remove the rear mirror. Then I would organize the other four in to positions. I would put one in the car to steer, one on the right hand side, one on the left and one at the back with me. When we start pushing I would put my coat over the rear window and start talking to the man next to me to try and distract him from pushing. I would not push, just look like it. Then when we were near point B I would remove the man who is next to me. Compensating for him I would push alittle, but slowly ease up so the front two men take the strain. Then I would distract the driver by telling him to look right and remove the man on the left and start pushing for all my lifes worth. If the driver asks why am I on the left I will tell him that the other man wanted to talk to the man at the back. Then I will tell the driver that the man on the left told me something as he went to the back and I just need to ask him what it was. When at the back of the car I would shout to the driver asking him to see if the left door window works. While the drivers distracted, I would remove the man on the right. Then tell the driver the man on the right has gone to speak to the man on the left about the window on the right door. By now, if my cunning plan is working, I should be about at point B. I would then say to the driver that the other three have stopped pushing and then I would stop pushing myself. With the car stopping, the driver will get out to see whats going on and I would then remove him. Leaving me to just push the car that little bit further and claim the prize of being favorite. Then I would.............................................

Anyway.....Life is a contradictionary homily.

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