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Diabuli (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 01:49 pm Click here to edit this post
I have seen much more contradictory detritis coming from your end, FarmerBob. But lets not turn this into an ad hominem argument.

You are correct, Cold war Russia is not my speciality. But i do know Stalin's economic policy left no room for foreign investment, and thus there was no need for a collective of supporting Communist state (requiring expansion).

If you study contemporary sources, and the journals of his leading politicians you would discover Hitler did not think-up or even guide policy. Your view of Nazi Germany is very naive.

Hitler often went into monologues, such as in MK (Check out the archive footage). The leading politicans such as Goering etc all tried to earn favour with the Fuhrer, by introducing policy that satisfied these unspecific ideals and their interprettation of them, all vying for favour for their faction. As you can see this would naturally lead to a radicalisation of policy and inefficiency of government. All remaining records from the tie demonstrate Hitler was not 'in control' per such, he just let this system run in a kind of survival of the fittest scenario.

If you look at Nazi policy from the beginning you will realise the Holocaust was not planned; reasearch The Madagascar Plan and others that invovled relocating the Jews from Germany. Killing only became an option after the invention of gas chambers, and the taking of Eastern European land which contained yet more Jews. Sound like systematic planning to you?

I am not suggesting Hitler wasn't a strong leader - he was, but as an idealogical figurehead who the underdogs tried to please. You will not find any document regarding the Holocaust with Hitler's signature on it. In fact if you look at the records you will find that Hitler spent most of his time in a mansion in the mountains, leaving the creation of policy to his generals.

I agree partially with your view of the Russian threat, but it is no different from the policies we've seen demonstrated by other nations.

Basing your view of a system of government on an idealogical rant written by an unimportant prisoner does not make sense. Look up the facts from the time, you will see i'm right.

The Holocaust was a result of an unwieldy and inefficient government, that was inherently corrupt and attempting to strive for approval based on vague snippets of ideals.

To suggest one man could personally implement the entire operation would be yet more rubbish in the thread. Some Historians argue Hitler did not even know about the Holocaust, but that is taking it a step too far i feel.

Tell five men you want a car moved from A to B, and the winner becomes your favorite. What do they do? They all try and move the steering wheel, and it does not go in a straight line.

P.S the Israel comment was intended as a joke >.<

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