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Obama or McCain? 11/4/08 (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Obama or McCain? 11/4/08 (White Giant)


Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 04:49 am Click here to edit this post
My ideolgy, Nix, is to think for yourself and accept the fact that paradise cannot be legislated or imposed. In point of fact, it can never exist because one man's heaven is another man's hell.

Accepting the labels of philosophies and the intellectual laziness of permitting issues and parties do your thinking for you is the road to loss of freedom. Our representative governments are founded on the concept of informed populations placing their own freedoms before any superficial political gains. Our peoples, however, are demonstrating the ever increasing tendencies to embrace political parties/ideologies and narrow issues at the expense of all else.

Our side must win or the world will end. Its all or none. Look at the hysteria from the Right now. Just as pathetic and dangerous as the last 8 years of hysteria from the Left. Who wins? Only those in political power. Our freedoms erode from assaults from both sides and the single issue types. As long as the masses are divided and at each others throats, those in power can continue to stack the deck in their own favor. Big Business. Big Government. Big Politics. Power to the Group.

Just give us your vote and your money and we will vanquish the evil ones and give you paradise! So many are buying it and politicizing everything from fashion to science that people can scarcely distinguish fact from fantasy anymore.

Forget compromise and tolerance. It's victory or death. Our politicians are saviors or demons. It only depends on your affiliation. And you had BETTER damned well get an affiliation, because the individual has become next to nothing. You are only your vote and the money you have. Your rights are someone else's unforgivable sin that needs to be legislated away immediately.

Democracy is dying but it doesn't matter as long as my special interests are satisfied. Your interests don't matter. My way is the ONLY way. I don't have to tolerate your way of life. My political leaders have said so. We just need the reigns of power and we can legislate and regulate you out of existence.

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