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Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 04:21 am Click here to edit this post
No Diabuli. When it comes to potential expansion of the Warsaw Pact into Western Europe, you cannot be more wrong. The Warsaw Pact forces on the other side of the fence were trained and organized for OFFENSIVE operations. I spent too many years professionally involved in studying every facet of the ETO to EVER believe those Shock Armies were for anything but conquest.They constantly trained in CA ops in the attack. There was virtually ZERO training or preparation for defense. You are too young to remember the Wall and are likely experiencing the first signs of historical revisionism.

Make no mistake, however, that Europe was under threat of invasion for many years. Only our collective preparations for its defense gave the Sov's pause. Don't insult your parents and grandparents by even suggesting otherwise.

Nazi Germany lost before they began. Only our Western and Soviet ineptitude, both politically and militarily let them get as far as they did. There are lessons about the consequences of miltary unpreparedness, appeasement, and wishful thinking in international relations from WWII that should be obvious.

@Stuart. Yes. Cuba is so wonderful that Americans are swimming from Florida to emigrate there. Oops. Or is that the other way around?

Back to Dub.
Israel exists because they refuse NOT to exist. America supports them as the only free market, representative government in the region. They will survive or die fighting. No more Holocausts.

The Final Solution was the result of internal Nazi power struggles?!?!? My God. What kind of crap are they teaching in British schools these days? Ever read Mein Kampf?

Yes, Dub. This thread has a lot of crap in it and you have contributed a huge chunk of it. I am severely disappointed in you. You are smarter than this.

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