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Diabuli (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 02:24 am Click here to edit this post
@noob 2008.

DO you really believe Russia wishes to attack Europe and Asia? Or is that just what your government wants you to believe.

Viable Reasons Europe didn't become part of the 'Nazi empire.'
1. The Nazi state was not an empire.
2. Even Germany could not have perpetually sustained a two front war against the Red Army and Britain (the largest empire in world history).
3. The Nazi government was not stable, and in fact consisted of factions fighting each other to gain favour with the fuhrer (hence the holocaust) it would eventually have become more corrupt and inefficient.

Viable Reasons we didn't become part of the USSR.
1. Russia would not want to attempt a takeover or Europe or Asia, it learnt from it's catostrophic war with the Japanese over Manchuria and it's policy of Russification (that led to the usurpation of government) that holding an Empire over such a landmass and with so many different cultures was not beneficial.
2. Stalin differed from the normal model of Communism that requires supporting nations to sport this kind of economy. He viewed that the USSR should be mainly self-sufficient, at least in the infancy of it's growth. Expansion was not a need.

Regarding Russia's altercation with Georgia.

Georgia attacked a breakaway region that contained only a minority of Georgians, in a bid to stamp it's international authority and for the government to gain popularity (a successful war to try and cover up bad home-comditions, sound familiar?)

Russia responded to this initial aggression to stabilise the region and preserve the autonomy of that region. I am not naive enough to believe Russia's intentions were entirely innocent - i am sure they were demostrating their military capabilities to the world. However, this couldn't possibly be in reaction to the US' cunning plan to install missile blocking systems to "prevent an attack from Iran" in a position that just happens to cover Russia too? Or am i just being cynical here?

I hope that answers your ideas.

P.S. I can't think of any viable reason why Israel is still on the map.

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