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noob2008 (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 01:55 am Click here to edit this post
@Just Spock
do not read this post with a tone of anger or hostility. I just want an educated opinion
you don't think America keeps most of the peace? then please give me a viable explanation as to why Europe didn't become part of the Nazi Empire and then eventually part of the USSR? After WWII The US occupied Western Germany and never left because if it did The Soviet Union would have moved in and crushed it and it wouldn't have stopped there.
Please Give me a viable reason why S.Korea has not been erradicated by N.Korea?
Please Give me a viable reason why Kuwait is not part of Iraq today?
Please Give me a viable reason why Isreal is still on the map?
My opinion
The reason is Captain AMerica's Military presence


no one is taking control of all of Asia or Europe right now.

no not at this time, but why not?
do you really think that Russia's stunt in Georgia isn't a prelude to Russia's intent on reforming the Soviet Union?

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