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slocketer (Little Upsilon)

Friday, November 7, 2008 - 09:03 pm Click here to edit this post
"Slock, I think you mistake me with the majority of uneducated Americans on his policies who came out of the woodworks to vote for him Tuesday for the pure fact he was BLACK.
Dont insult me Im fully aware what has lead up to these events and why they have now transpired in the last 48hrs. They have BUSH written all over them. My point was the testing of what the world sees as a new weak president have begun."

In fact..this proves my point joe (plumber joe lmfao)....although Bush had lots do do with it, it was not because Obama was black (try reading some polls of this election vs others...the change, while significant, wouldn't be as large as you think, most blacks vote democratic anyways). Your point that Bush had a lot to do with it, even exemplifies that Obama's race wasn't the main reason. Most people voted for Obama because they didn't like that McCAin voted with Bush 90% of the time, they didn't like the REpublican policies of the "old era."This happens all teh time throughout American politics. As a new era/generation passes conservatives view gerneally fade away and a swing occurs (this is what this election was). using your race argument, you could also say that many women voted for McCain simply because Palin was a women (in fact, they chose her for that reason among others)
As for the world looking at obama as a weak president...that is funny. Just because the people that play simcountry seem to dislike Obama (people who are widely uneducated about the election) doesn't mean that people on the international level think he is weak.
In fact, the world looks to Obama to help them.
(Kenya declared a national holiday, a Japanese town had a mock election to celebrate Obama's victory). Additionally, if you read some articles many of them will tell you that Obama has the most international support of any president since JFK. The Prime Minister of the UK has already tried to relate himself to Obama's policies in statements he made during a debate. When polls were taken during the election to find which president was more popular among the international community they found that Obama was more popular than McCain by a large margin (European, Asian, African, etc..)

So no...I still think you should have done some extra looking around.

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