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Joseph Stalin

Friday, November 7, 2008 - 04:16 am Click here to edit this post
Wow Im shocked no comments about the following events that have happened in the last 48hrs since the new president was elected.

RUSSIA: Not even one day after the election Mr. Medvedev, in an address Wednesday in Moscow, said Russia plans to deploy short-range missiles in its Baltic-coast Kaliningrad enclave to counter the U.S. missile defense system.

Plans call for 10 U.S. missile interceptors to be placed in Poland and an associated radar system in the Czech Republic to defend against an anticipated long-range missile threat from Iran.

Despite U.S. assurances, Russia said the system would undermine its strategic deterrence and Mr. Medvedev's threat Wednesday to deploy mobile Iskander missiles and jamming equipment in Kaliningrad were the most specific from Russia on the issue to date.

STOCK MARKET: Major indexes have lost about 10 percent since Barack Obama was elected president -- a vote preceded by a steep rally -- and the losses represent the Dow's worst two-day percentage decline since the October 1987 crash.

MIDDLE EAST: The Palestinian militant group Hamas pounded Israel with rockets, hours after Israeli forces killed six gunmen, threatening to unravel a five-month-old truce in the powder keg Gaza Strip.

NORTH KOREA: North Korea released a new batch of photographs of the reportedly ailing Kim Jong Il, seeking to show that the country's leader is in full command of a government that has exploded one nuclear device and is stringing out a vague promise to dump its others.

AFGHANISTAN: In Afghanistan, the U.S.-backed president demanded that Obama change U.S. tactics as villagers said U.S. warplanes killed 37 people â nearly all of them women and children â during a cat-and-mouse hunt for militants.

LAST WEEK: In a rare public speech, Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence, said last week that the next president would preside over a period of increased international instability, a heightened risk of terrorist attacks, an increase in dangerous regional conflicts and a general waning of U.S. power throughout the world.

So it begins what I see as a long series of tests for our new president and the United States.

The question is will our new Commander in Chief grow some balls before swearing into office in Jan??? or will he try to dazzle the enemy with his well written speeches???


God help us all.


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