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Klarina Espinosa

Thursday, November 6, 2008 - 11:25 pm Click here to edit this post
If that is really your point, TheDarknessWaking, based entirely upon the fortunes of one man rising to power through great misfortune, then I would suggest that you look up the histories of several major European states. Some of the best and worst names in history did the exact same thing. Hitler, Stalin and so forth.

One person doing one thing does not make it a trend.

Several, however, do. Try looking up the nature of the British Labour party. You'll find several class-transcending figures rising to power from little or nothing throughout it's history. The only reason you mark Obama as significant in doing the same is because of the colour of his skin. If a Caucasean male had done the same, you would not make the same point.

I'm not denying racism exists in Europe. However, the point at hand is that America seems to make more of a deal of race in all things, positive and negatice, than Europe does.

Let's move on to the point that the US has not yet had a female president, shall we?

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