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Thursday, November 6, 2008 - 11:00 pm Click here to edit this post
John R,

ahh, you get it. You cannot pretend to understand America or all Americans from this message board, or your friends. However, don't pretend that there is no racism in any European country. Your point seems to be that Americans see race and Europe does not. Try to look at it from the minorities point of view and see if they do not feel it. Also, I am lucky in this argument as to prove racism exists in Europe, I only need to show that a few people are racist, and thus it exists. To prove it does not exist is next to impossible.

To Klarina, to the original topic, if a man born to a white mother and black father, who is poor, and abandoned by his father, spends time moving all over with no roots can rise to be President, that is significant evidence that one can arise above their station in the US. It's not the only evidence, but it is certainly a strong consideration in addition to other evidence. If you work hard, are smart, and apply yourselves in America, you can be anything. It is a part of our culture and what drove many people to leave their homelands, including much of Europe, to come here. They wanted to have opportunities that they could not get in their homelands. My own forebears came from Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Catalonia, and Norway, and my wife is from Poland.

We are a melting pot where we recognize issues of race and try to deal with them instead of pretending they do not exist and sticking our heads in the sand when the evidence suggest otherwise. (see above posts related to treatment of Jews, Turks, Muslims today in Europe). No way is it even close to perfect here, but we are trying.

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