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Deadly Silence

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John R

Thursday, November 6, 2008 - 06:24 pm Click here to edit this post


Since you lump all Europeans together so will I.

Finally... /me rolls eyes

Do you know why I kept treating all europeans the same in a very obvious? Because I wanted to hear that comment. But not from a european. No, no... I wanted to hear it from an american and see what he would say next and to see if he acknowledged the pluridiversity in Europe. But, no... You had to do it first! Thanks alot asshole!

From history,

In the beginning of the XX century Germany, the jewsih community was better integrated than ever. There more marriages between jewish and other religions than ever. But this increased integration was only occuring in the urban areas. Then, the depression came and culprit had to be nominated... The rest is history.

In the XV century (I beleive) many european countries expelled the jews from their lands. Curiously, the country they all headed towards was Portugal. Reasons were something of this genera: there was already a very large and well integrated jewsih community in place, it was the nearest country of Spain, at the time it was regarded as the land of opurtunities (sounds similar, uh?) and the government was very tolerante - treachours, but tolerante.
But such a large influx of jews in this southern land didn't pass unnoticed. Preassure from the Vatican and other countries, namely Spain, alywas ready to invade Portugal, begun to surface and a treaty was signed, later strengeth by the Inquisition. It remains to be said, that unlike many other countries, we prefered to convert and strip them of their property rather than burning and expell them. Others did not wish this or similar fate and fled to Holland or Northen Africa, Brasil, etc.


I was leaving a synagogue when a man came up and told us he was going to kill us, to kill us all.

Doesn't seem much different from the asshole that keeps telling me every week that all non-heterosexuals should be killed. But I don't pay any attention... Nobody pays him attention, in fact. Nobody gets along with him or identifies with his ideas, for that matter.

But the past is of little importance to the present on what matters our daily lives. Things are better, much better in Europe than before and anywhere else.

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