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Deadly Silence

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Joseph Stalin

Thursday, November 6, 2008 - 02:47 am Click here to edit this post
Deff you and I dont see eye to eye. But you couldnt be more right and truthful. You nailed it on the head. People whine and bitch about the past 8 yrs. Shit the worst is yet to come.

But the way I see it, we as Americans evolved last night. We as a country all became equal last night for the first time. For the way I see it, all of us in the near future doesnt matter if your white, black, etc will all unite very soon and will be bitching equally about every mistake this president will make (which will be many). I have no doubt in my mind we will all agree equally in 4 years this man will have to go. Bush is leaving the office with the worst public opnion numbers. But Baracks numbers will be worst mark my words and he will make history yet again.

They say this is history. I have to agree for the first time the blackman and minorites of this country. Will not be able to point the finger at anyone but themselves for electing this man. Now thats history definatley a first lol

Some may call my comments racist. But I will say you couldnt be farther from the truth.

Regardless of the color of this mans skin he has no business running or leading this country. He has the House and the Senate in his pocket and that scares me. Wheres the balance???

Granted he is a great speaker one of the best brainwashers I ever seen. Talk is cheap when you lack the exp. and you are known as a flip flopper. I fear the other leaders in the world will pick up on this weakness and use it against him and our country.

On that note the biggest thing that troubles me this is our new Commander in Chief???? God help us all. When he takes his oath, I hope they besides handing him the keys to the white house, that they also hand him a set of balls. He is going to need them.

I know myself and many Americians are disturbed by this election outcome. I just pray we get through these next 4 yrs fast and safe.

God Bless America


P.S. Good luck Joe the Plumber

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