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Klarina Espinosa

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 - 02:36 pm Click here to edit this post
It worries me that so many people think this election significant mostly because he's a man of non-white origin. I, for one, vote for the party which I think has the best policies for my country as a whole, be that Liberal Democrat, Labour, Conservative, Green Party, or maybe even the Monster Raving Looney party. I believe in Meritocravy, not Democracy. Vote for the person most qualified, not the most popular.


A worthy milestone for our nation as an ethnic minority finally achieves the highest elected office. This young man, I believe, will prove worthy as well.

Well, Europe, your turn......

Dissapointing, really, that you place the colour of his skin so highly. Quality not creed.

But looking back over the history of equalal opportunity in the highest of offices, Europe has been leading the way over America for a long time. Britain alone has reached several milestones for diversity in office in regards of race, ethnicity and gender. Germany currently has a female Chancellor too. You'll find a wide array of ethnicities, cultures and belief systems in seats of power all over Europe.

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