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Tuesday, November 4, 2008 - 01:05 pm Click here to edit this post
Ark Mori.
It's like putting an Ice cube (Ice cap)in a bowl of water (ocean) thats in a freezer (enviroment) that has a 24hr (Year) warm and cold cycle (climate). The ice melts a little and then reforms. Maybe whats happened is that due to the increase of tempature (man turned up the thermostat), the ice would have melted more during the warmer cycle, creating more cold water around the ice cap, so when it reformed it covered a wider space but it wasn't as thick? Which is not good. :(

The ice cap would have never reformed to its previous size until the cycle of natural global warming has been completed and the next cycle of global freezing has been completed. But as it looks like we have thrown a spanner into the work's who know's whats going to happen, especialy to nature and our future.

SAM (Johanas).
:) What ever

It depend's on what job the city dweller does. They might work for a company thats creating more HARM than your small holding. They might do everything that has been proven to harm the enviroment? Which city dwellers are you talking about?

Could all you haters out there wait until FarmerBob has posted his reply before you all start up again? Please......
If I know FarmerBob it wont be long. :)



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