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A Greek in America (Little Upsilon)

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Nikos (Little Upsilon)

Monday, November 3, 2008 - 10:48 pm Click here to edit this post
Bakalava is a pastry made with phyllo dough, oranges, nuts, and honey. Is is best after it has set for several days and gotten tacky. It is really good with wine or coffee.

I am young and perhaps lack the wisdom of my elders, but I do not like the direction the world is going in. I have traveled all through the US, and everywhere is the same. Big roads. Concentrations of the same business. Home Depot, Taco Bell, Star Bucks, McDonald's.

In each place there used to be a local cuisine and culture and music, but they are being lost to - to I do not know - convenience(?), sameness(?). predictability(?). The people are kind and loving but the cities in towns lack variety and distinction.

We are going the same way in Europe. The Northern Europeans have a desire to uniformity and sameness. In Crete the old ways die slowly, but they will pass there as well. The young people in Crete want to be like everyone else. We are losing our pride of home, but not replacing it, and so we become cynical and lack purpose.

Sorry to write so much to a brief comment. What is so bad about loving a little white walled city, filled with families who have been there for 3000 years? Does it make me provincial to love home best? We each should and share that love with our friends from around the world.

As my grandfather would say, "He is a different man, he has different desires" though in Greek it sounds more like - "a different man, different desires." No verbs we just understand them to be there.

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