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Oh no not you again (Kebir Blue)

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Sunday, November 2, 2008 - 01:59 am Click here to edit this post
A friend of a friend wrote what I'm about to post. I liked it and I thought I would share it. I think it's a passage from a book he's writing?

"we were performing a kind of surgery davey, idea surgery, we had to remove the idea of eventual endings from the emporer of starzone sevens mind and outlook, and replace it with the idea of the everlasting.
but we didnt want to alarm the other idea, to the point where it would make our task very difficult for us, and refuse to budge
because it is neccessary to have these bad ideas sometimes davey, as they help to inspire other better ideas, and to even make them possible to have in the first place.
but we definitely didnt want that particular bad idea in that particular tom fool emporers head at that particular time, because it wasnt conducive to the eternal harmony of existance"
"right" i said
"so thats what we had to do. we had to change the emporers mind"
"wow" i said, wondering why there was no jobs like that ever advertised in heretowns job center.
i bet that mrs grim saves those kind of jobs for her close friends and immediate family.
cockadoody mrs grim.
"so anyway me and frizzle got started right away,
all the usual stuff, instilling hope and good feeling into the emporers long term view of things, whilst slowly but surely drawing out of his thought processes any ideas of futility and endings,
and thereby eventually absorbing into his final outlook the joyfull spark of the everlasting,
peice of piss really and the lodgings were good if i remember rightly.
and thats it really davey, we got the job done.
the sag in star zone two righted itself and we buggered off."
"but what about the gooberklann gang, tryna rip you off and the knives and the gun battle," i asked dissapointed
"oh them yeah thats right, yeah we did have some bother with them before it was all finished if i recall, said benjam"
poppin the top off another bottle of bud, with his thumb,
pop, just like that
cool, gun battle bit
"so what happened" i ask, "what did they do? try and rip off your tool kits or something"
"no nothing like that davey, the gooberklann gang, didnt steal things,
the gooberklann gang were the agents of demise and futility and rigid dead endings.
cul de sacked mind offerings.
they didnt rip off tool kits, they ripped off hope and laughter and cheerful dispositions.
and then replaced them with apathy and hopelessness and despair"
"what with knives?" i asked
"no with bleak fatalistic arguments," said benjam
"flippin heck" i said, "so what happened?"
"well me and frizzle had set up our stall in star zone six, and we were making pretty good progress with the emporer, he was a fairly open minded emporer afterall, pretty intelligent and reasonably accessable to brilliant possibles, so we knew it wouldnt be long until he took on board the beauty of forever, and took that off with him instead into his general outlook and work schedule,
but then the gooberklann gang turned up heavy handed, and tried to put a spanner in the works"
"what with sharpened spanners?" i asked
"no, with miserable opinions and morbid conjectures" said benjam
"gosh" i said, "so what did you do?"
"well we had our work cut out for a bit, i can tell you, davey
working full steam ahead tryna change the emporers mind and thought processes, whilst at the same time the gooberklann gang were swarming about and tryna get it to stay exactly the same,
yeah it was a battle for a while i can tell you
me and frizzle had one of his ears, telling him of everlasting fantastic opportunities, and never ending wish blessed wonderments, and basically tryna sell him on the benefits of continual stark amazements and the advantages that came with infinite possibility
whilst the gooberklann gang had his other ear, and were busy whispering into it woefull tales of bland uselessnesses, overtly bad news and futility inducing apathetic diatribes."
"so who won?" i asked
"we did of course said benjam happily." takin a long slug of bud.
"how , why, what did you do to seal it?" i asked, by now pretty interested in all of this
"we took him off to the planet of thimbles, and showed him a zipperzonk being born, it blew his mind," said benjam.
"and the emporer was that amazed by what he saw, he shed any last pretensions he might ever have had about a possible ending to the universe , and immediately took to the better idea like he had invented it himself.
took to it, like a zipperzonk to glandliquid in fact. you might say."
"wow," i said fascinated "whats a zipperzonk benjam?"
"zipperzonks are beautiful," said benjam after a moment or two
and then he told me a lullaby
"zipperzonks dream in full view, and they laugh like waterfalls, and they sing like the voice of reason, and they make you sleepy if youre too wide awake, and they shut stable doors behind them, and they are interesting, and pleasant and patient and thoughtful and the colour of sunshine, they find lost things, and make ammends, zipperzonks have the light of childhood in their eyes and the innocence too, they are surprising and aggressively happily entertaining, they care about misfortune, and they never take sides.
they smell like home and sweet wild flowers and shampoo on a pillow and they know the answer to very difficult questions.
they never swear and they never have arguments and they always see the good in everything, including the things that are only bad.
they can balance on a thimble and spin rainbows out of a lost travellers sigh.
they calm volcanoes, and they never point.
they are likeable and funloving and spontaneous and they hop across mountains just to get to the other side of them. and they never spoil a happy moment and they dont drink meths.
they are always pleased to see everybodys grandmother, and they never whisper or gang up on butterflies and they have always got a spare tin of rice pudding should anybody want one.
they are kind and peaceful and turn fighting into laughter. they are long looked for signposts in slow motion, and folk music to the ears
they are sweet dreams and perfect fortune, and they never deliberately smash anybodys teacups,
they are gentle and incredibly infectiously happy and they always stop to rescue drowning worms. and feed the pigeons and stroke the dogs ears.
they are the way out of bad situations and the way in to better ones, they navigate tooth fairies, and spring mousetraps.
they are warm like a childs hand at a crossroads, and satisfy like sneezing.
basically they are highly optomistic shapefree carefree particles of benign colourful space dust and they are truly beautiful.
and anybody whose been lucky enough to see one actually get born, could never really accept any other idea than the joyfull spark of everlasting, and thats what we figured, and thats what happened," said benjam stroking blackly the black cat, who purred in her sleep, like a nest of happy hornets.
"and when they are born they are like an explosion of colourful sparks, escaping from a kalaidoscope that ease your mind and flutter there inside it, long after they have gone on their way."
"cool" i said dreamily, "so what about the gooberklann gang, what did they do?"
"they knew they was licked and pissed off to try their bad luck somewhere else" said benjam
"fuckin a" i said,
and even though i wasnt really reassured one way or the other about this dealing weed for joey mcdoey lark,
i really liked the idea of them zipperzonks. and i would love to see one get born.
i already kind of believe in the joyfull spark of everlasting, anyway though, immortality and everlasting life and that.
because its pretty obvious really, that if you can actually clone a sheep from one cell of its body, and it grows and lives and bleats outside of itself as a perfect replica of itself, even for just one second,
and if the exact same blue print for everything you ever were, was contained in every other particle of yourself. now. well it wouldnt take much to just run running repairs on yourself, and providing you didnt jump off cliffs, and deliberately go swimming in pirrhana infested swamps you could quite easily live forever.
but i think the government have banned it.
im not sure but i think joey mcdoey said it was in the criminal justice bill,
your not allowed to dance, your not allowed to ask questions and your not allowed to live forever, even though its fundamentally physically, genetically possible to.
i bet the gooberklann gang are really the cabinet ministers of the world,
and i also bet that those zipperzonks would never put you on daily signing or brainwash everybody to kill children
by continually ignoring the fact that they are actually dying of hunger in a world with too much food for that to be happening
whilst ignoring too the hole in the ozone layer all at the same time.
oh well i thought
no point in worrying about it all now,
"im off to bed now benjam" i said "goodnight man"
"goodnight davey" said benjam peeking at a spider he'd got in a matchbox,
a big black one, with hairy toes and silent opinions about its own future.

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