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What is Simcountry?

To Mr Tom Willard: Today's Major bug: WAR PAGE (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  To Mr Tom Willard: Today's Major bug: WAR PAGE (Little Upsilon)

Wendy (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 10:29 pm Click here to edit this post
to back up the claim that the agressing presidents in the conflict had knowledge of this and took advantage of it, i present the following chat log of IRC chat today.

Session Start: Sun Oct 26 16:11:58 2008
Session Ident: #Simcountry
03[16:11] * Now talking in #Simcountry
03[16:11] * Topic is 'Welcome to the Sim Country IRC Channel | IRC Stats here | Type /msg X help to find out commands available | Avoid personal attacks, try to be civil. (I'll be watching)'
03[16:11] * Set by Jinson on Wed Oct 22 19:37:10
03[16:27] * Daconia ( has joined #Simcountry
[16:27 @Laguna> hahahaha
[16:27 Daconia> :P
[16:27 @Laguna> Told ya. ;0
[16:27 Daconia> lol well 4 out of 5...I'll live
[16:28 Daconia> lol that was probably the highlight of my day
[16:28 @Laguna> LOL! Mine too, but I don't remember anything
[16:29 Diabuli> Hey Dac, Lg.
[16:29 Daconia> Hey! how are you?
00[16:29 WendyBot> Laguna why is it that barney is destroying targets in my country but I cannot access the war page?
[16:30 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Hey Daconia!
[16:30 @Laguna> What's the country?
[16:30 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Hey Lg
00[16:30 WendyBot> the kingdom of shilish
[16:30 Daconia> Sammy!!!
[16:30 Daconia> wow I've missed you
[16:30 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Good to see ya
[16:30 Daconia> I see you are raising hell again ;-)
00[16:30 WendyBot> hes nuking me and killed a few targets but my war page won't load
[16:30 @Laguna> Unknown country 'the kingdom of shilish'.
[16:30 @Laguna> Zoom to a country by clicking in the map or enter an existing country name below.
[16:30 @Laguna> It was conquered
00[16:31 WendyBot> wow
00[16:31 WendyBot> i logged into it i still am in it
[16:31 Sam_Jihad_Houston> I try
00[16:31 WendyBot> Welcome to "The Kingdom of Shlish"
[16:31 Sam_Jihad_Houston> How is married life?
[16:31 @Laguna> Yeah, but its the same screen you get when you look at someone else's country
[16:31 Aprogas> Some days ago when constructing a new corp from my CEO, a certain country was preselected already with all workers at 0
00[16:31 WendyBot> sorry wrong name
[16:31 Aprogas> I think it may have been called something like that.
[16:32 Aprogas> Maybe it was Shiva.
00[16:32 WendyBot> December 15 2321, a Major Nuclear War Disaster occurred in your country.
00[16:32 WendyBot> Dec 16 2321
[16:32 @Laguna> Just press the little green tank and hit F5
[16:32 THEBRIT> wendy got pwned b4 she knew it
00[16:32 WendyBot> Page cannot be found
[16:32 THEBRIT> oh well
[16:32 Sam_Jihad_Houston> He took away your toys Wendy thats all
[16:33 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Play nicely and that wont be a problem
00[16:33 WendyBot> umm no I can't access the war pg
[16:33 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Would it make a difference?
[16:33 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Doubtful
00[16:33 WendyBot> War Situation Index 68.65
00[16:33 WendyBot> doesn't look conquered to me
[16:34 @Laguna> Refresh...
00[16:34 WendyBot> I did
00[16:34 WendyBot> like twenty times
[16:34 @Laguna> lol
00[16:34 WendyBot> Dec 17 2321
[16:34 Sam_Jihad_Houston> It looks like you don't get to misbehave today
[16:34 @Laguna> Can't think of much
[16:34 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Ironic
00[16:34 WendyBot> War Situation Index 68.65
[16:35 THEBRIT> rofl
[16:35 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Where is Stuart
00[16:35 WendyBot> no prol, will wsc do soething about it
00[16:36 WendyBot> w3c*
00[16:36 WendyBot> I mean its not on my end
[16:37] Diabuli> Busy i think.
[16:37] Sam_Jihad_Houston> Sure they can end all your wars
[16:37 @Laguna> I don't know what is... Send Willard message and let him handle it.
[16:37 Diabuli> Ill be done with Goddess Of Light in a moment.
[16:37 Diabuli> You should look after your own members, Sam :P
[16:37 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Bad Barney!
00[16:37 WendyBot> ok
[16:37 Diabuli> lol!
00[16:38 WendyBot> no worries slocks countries will still fall
00[16:38 WendyBot> we will see who laughs last
00[16:38 WendyBot> evildoers
[16:38 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Me
[16:38 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Asshat
[16:38 Diabuli> Nah, she declared on one of Slocks poorly defended (laoded) Financial slaves, and he didnt counter Dec. Guess i'm doign him a favour by not letting her take it... *sigh*
[16:38 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Indeed
[16:39 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Its appreciated and he will thank you personally
[16:39 Diabuli> Hehe no need :)
00[16:39 WendyBot> you mean taking advantage of a glitch
[16:39 Diabuli> I just got annoyed - Loki not defending himself, and now Slock. People are LAZY!
00[16:39 WendyBot> no prol
[16:39 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Like fighting from WP?
[16:39 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Hmmm odd you would complain
[16:40 Diabuli> I'm just doign this for the 'greater good' WOuldnt usually interfere.
00[16:40 WendyBot> how do you fight a declared war from wp
[16:40 Diabuli> I hate my typing recently. I should be given lessons 'for the greater good'
[16:41 Sam_Jihad_Houston> You sneak attack
[16:41 Sam_Jihad_Houston> As for a declared war you just fight it
00[16:41 WendyBot> theres no sneaks on slocks country, just decs
00[16:41 WendyBot> so what are you yappin about?
[16:41 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Your bad attitude and endless complaints
[16:42 Diabuli> Just ignore, Sam, makes things a whole lot clearer/more objective.
[16:42 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Right
[16:42 Sam_Jihad_Houston> You are correct as usual
00[16:42 WendyBot> lol, just have fun while it lasts
00[16:42 WendyBot> it won't for long
[16:42 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Dont feed the troll
00[16:42 WendyBot> and you will have all those slaves in wp 4ever
[16:42 Diabuli> :)
00[16:42 WendyBot> SAM
[16:42 Sam_Jihad_Houston> My 21 days are almost over on LU
00[16:43 WendyBot> I know
00[16:43 WendyBot> not good for you
[16:43 Sam_Jihad_Houston> You can bounce off of me after that
[16:43 Diabuli> You started on LU? Cool.
[16:43 Sam_Jihad_Houston> This farce has gone on long enough
00[16:43 WendyBot> you have plenty of slaves too
00[16:43 WendyBot> I will take a good lot of them
00[16:43 WendyBot> so wp or move off lacerta buddy
00[16:43 WendyBot> no glitches needed
[16:44 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Once GR is burning your tune will change
00[16:44 WendyBot> IamWendy
[16:44 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Or you will be forced to change by your master
00[16:44 WendyBot> i could care less about gr
[16:44 Sam_Jihad_Houston> However it makes no difference to me
[16:44 @Laguna> Oh geez, Stuart, use a mask man...
00[16:44 WendyBot> I will show you if i can't live in peace on LU you or any of your friends won't either
[16:45 @Laguna> I have that feeling to stab my eyes out again
[16:45 Sam_Jihad_Houston> You can live in peace
[16:45 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Somewhere else
00[16:45 WendyBot> you all have become too comfortable making money and throwing your wieght around
00[16:45 WendyBot> I knew it was a joke
[16:45 Sam_Jihad_Houston> Meh as you wish
00[16:46 WendyBot> and you takling advantage of bugs, yeah it shows your weakness
[16:46 Diabuli> lmao Lg.
00[16:46 WendyBot> not that good after all
[16:46 Sam_Jihad_Houston> I have beaten n00bs like you before
00[16:46 WendyBot> a bunch of hot air at best
00[16:46 WendyBot> Sam you will pay the cost to be the boss now
[16:46 Sam_Jihad_Houston> [INFO] You are now ignoring wendybot
00[16:46 WendyBot> you have
[16:46 Sam_Jihad_Houston> For you Laguna
00[16:47 WendyBot> but you haven't fought one that will continue fighting , . . .indefinitely
[16:47 @Laguna> Is it a puppy or a bag of money?
00[16:47 WendyBot> especially for this last stunt
[16:48 Sam_Jihad_Houston> A new penis
[16:48 Diabuli> A puppy full of money.
[16:48 Sam_Jihad_Houston> And a puppy full of money
00[16:48 WendyBot> and YOU, BARNEY, SLOCK,STUART,DUB still couldn't stop me, so now you using a bug LMAO
00[16:48 WendyBot> it won't last forever
00[16:48 WendyBot> then what will you do?

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