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The truth behind the LDI Jihad. (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The truth behind the LDI Jihad. (Little Upsilon)

Johanas Bilderburg (Golden Rainbow)

Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 05:36 pm Click here to edit this post


The LU battle will be very long and hard before the tide swings our way, but it will happen. The war on GR is gonna be a joke.

It has swung. You were all pwned. UC continue to be pwned on a daily basis. How many of your countries do we need to take to make the point clear? How many trillions in weapons and ammo will you give us? UC's little escapade has failed on LU.

Accept it and lets move on to GR for our turn to promote terrorism and destruction. Whoever in your Fed screwed up when they sent Wendy to do your dirty work. Period. End of discussion.

The eviction was a farce and way too late IMO. Nute, Dizzy, John Fire are still on LU despite the fact that GR is about to burn. I see the only choice to grab you all by the scruff of the neck and point you towards peace is a massive demonstration of how seriously we take terrorism. WAOR I say!

@ John Fire


We will accept no less than the acknowledgment that we are only human and are subject to mistakes.

Yes you made a mistake. I freely admit it. Now you admit it.


We will accept nothing less than our right to exist and play Simcountry.

Play SC on GR where you belong. I have no problem with that. Nor do I care.


When asked what would be required for peace, we were told to accept nothing less than accepting our losses on LU and accepting the LDI move to GR. This has nothing to do with Wendy, this is a demand for withdrawal from a world while they build up on our doorstep.

Wrong. Once you have cleared LU we will leave GR. I have no desire to remain on this planet. Do not spin the truth Senor Fuego.

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