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John R

Saturday, October 25, 2008 - 10:00 am Click here to edit this post
Today I shall call for a similar tucoish character who frequently graced our boards, but rarely our chatroom. This equally unique person was australian, female, humorous and, unlike tuco, she had to the ability to express herself in clearer ways. On some occasions, she was rather vicious which lead to her to be despised by some. This is, of course, Louise Brooks.

[Laguna] Hello Louise
[LB] hi Laguna :) how are you?
[Laguna] Fine, thanks for asking. And how might you be?
[LB] pretty good thanks, tired - I should be in bed - but am online fluffing about playing Simcountry - you would think its addictive
[Laguna] Isn't it?
[LB] I have a silly question, how do you find out which products are strategic? - I suspect they have moved things about cause I cannot find info now :(
[LB] well - it shoulden't be - addictive that is :)
* ChanServ sets mode: -o tnnBot
* ChanServ sets mode: +h tnnBot
[Laguna] There, that should suck the excess Drone Missiles out the market
[Laguna] Now... how do you know a product is strategic,
[Laguna] Well, the game will tell on various occasions, if it is.
[Laguna] When you setup the selling startegies, buidl the corps with your CEOs, buying from the market
[LB] well they were listed as such - I thought in the list of country stocks. But I cannot seem to locate where now
[Laguna] brb
[LB] kk
[Laguna] Not all ptoduct appear there
[Laguna] Oil as such. Go to the sell/buy link
[LB] ok
[LB] that takes me to either product groups - or allows me to go back to the World trade page
[Laguna] products in stock: buy and sell~
[Laguna] I'm talking about that link.
[Laguna] Uranium 2.35M SC$ per kilogram
[Laguna] 161 0 30 buy / sell
[Laguna] 30 in stock
[LB] am in there, it lists the products but does not say which are strategic
[Laguna] ah
[Laguna] They are the ones with the orange bar
[LB] aah OK :) that must have changed then
[LB] no hang on, these are the chemical & nukes. I was looking for products which countries had to have ie paper beans are examples I remember
[Laguna] That's startegic stock, not products
* Laguna gets his beating stick
[Laguna] Monthly
[Laguna] Use
[Laguna] The products with Monthly Use greater than 0, you must have
[LB] ok strategic STOCK - but where are these listed :(
[LB] Doh - you just told me,
[Laguna] They aren't anymore
[Laguna] The merged 3 links into 1
[Laguna] they
[LB] kk, I was trusting on my memory, so where it shows a monthly use ] 0 is strategic stock :) got it
[LB] aircraft fuel, boats books & newspapers stuff.
* Laguna pets Lousie and drinks a bottle full of vodka
[LB] I am just wondering how profitable such corps would be?
[LB] lol - I need it ta :)
* LB swallows vodka gulp gulp gulp
[Laguna] lol
[LB] am looking for corps that use heaps of LLW, cause you know what my countries are crawling with :(
[Laguna] LMAO
[Laguna] Other Food Products
[LB] ta :)
[LB] I tell you I took over a country and ever since :( has given me bad digestion trying to get it under control - spiralling debt - and at the back of my mind I worry about the original owner, I am sure he is planning payback :/
[Laguna] What's the country name?
[Laguna] Well, if you can't control it, the best thing you have to do is to give it back.
[LB] Lemuria, you could call it USA from the size of its debt :(
[LB] naa, I will get on top of it
[LB] ahh - now this reminds me I ahve more questions. But, please tell me if I am boring or aggravating you Laguna
[Laguna] Nah
[Laguna] I'm just eating
[Laguna] Is the Gov and Corporate salaries equal in that country, Louise?
[LB] no, Govt salaries are about 8 points higher (I think)
[Laguna] Okay
[LB] In Simcountry I am determined to corner the marke in Shows :)
[Laguna] : )
[LB] :) go to shares & do a search on public corps that produce shows - guess who owns/controlls just abou all of them
[LB] have a nice day :) cya
[Laguna] bye

One is so pleasant when new.

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