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Five word story (4)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Five word story (4)

John R

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 - 10:58 pm Click here to edit this post
This thread continued from here.

The sauce was bright green and full of floaty things.

- "If everyone double dips, I will win a brand new, shiny, super-cool carbon burning, foot massaging pizza, complete with mouldy cheese and an olive".

- "So even if I post twice, you'll feel a tingling sensation in your colon indicating that I've just taken on, a large Exeter Class Duece. The kind Austia likes to play with."

Nix barely finished his sentence when a dancing banana hit the floor and stole the show. Crabs, however, itch worse excited under a heat lamp. The crabs went on to the raw spot of Nix's nether regions and at once started "cuttin' the rug" in their tight leather Billy Idol costumes.

After a visit to the pubic lice expert, they discovered Nix was the child of Sin and Curiosity. Offended, he decided to declared:

- "I'm a tool, don't you know whose tool I am?" - curiously, Ark asked:

- "Why? Who?"

- "Yours, Arkh Mori. And I am in love with a mule too, but no matter."

- "A mule?" - asked Arkh, after running and nearly kissing Nix on his detachable willy.

- "WOW!"

- "It's all on tape. Buy some viagra and we will get our own mules and and head over together to experience what's it like to have 12 inches of hot mule love ramming our tender bottoms."

- "You tell me." - a passer-by said with an astonished look on her face.

Yes, it was embarrassing, but Nix swallowed his viagra and bent over and recovered nicely by taking dirt road to browntown, which by this time was madly intriguing the lady, so she bent down on all four hours and beckoned Arkh to turn from his wicked ways, threatening Arkh with a big rotten, browned with age, banana. Then Chimp came along and swore that he«d never let Nix put bananas in his oxtail soup or grown humongous mushrooms again.

Chimp was very professional. He was a prostitute working his way to Cambodia so he could show his family how to use bananas that were inserted into Nix's urethra tube to anally irrigate his bloody diarhea.

It was now Arkh's turn to swing his humoungous phallic shaped banana into the soup, still simmering like Laguna's sexy bum cheeks and Martock's shaven breasts. Delighted by the sight, blinded by two chickens fired from Nix's pecker, which was swollen by a blowfish swimming in the migthy amazon. Dr. Spishninkle explained, while she vigorously rubbed soothing...

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