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The truth behind the LDI Jihad. (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The truth behind the LDI Jihad. (Little Upsilon)

John Fire (Little Upsilon)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - 05:08 am Click here to edit this post
In the course of Simcountry, wars have mainly been fought for three reasons: boredom, fear, and revenge. This war is no different. LDI has chosen to attack the United Confederation. They do have a stated reason, but the true reasons for this attack are quite evident. Their members are leaving the game, and are trying to "go out with a bang" and "bring us down a peg" in order to achieve revenge for their past defeat.

Their stated reason, the belligerence of Wendy, is nothing more than a front. Once her actions were actually brought to our attention, we took action. War was not needed to resolve this, though it has been stated by my peers in LDI that it was. Why did we wait to take action regarding Wendy, you may be wondering? For one, we were absolutely serious when we stated that we wished to leave off-world business off-world; we did not maintain a policy of monitoring or protecting our members anywhere other than Golden Rainbow. They will say that talking with us yielded nothing. Yet when one takes a closer look, it will become apparent that they did not wish for peaceful coexistence. Barney spoke with one member of the United Confederation on day before LDI declared war on Little Upsilon. This is not nearly enough time to communicate with each other or to take action. The only thing we accomplished prior to being faced with massive war declarations was to ask Wendy to stop. When it became apparent that she would not stop, we began the process of trail and eviction for violations of our Charter. Wendy left the United Confederation. During this time, many of our members lost countless assets on Little Upsilon from the unwarranted attacks of LDI.

After this, the retiring player Sam Houston, under the name Johanas Bilderburg, moved on GR and is now building an offensive empire with no purpose other than to destroy. His actions occurred despite our attempts at reconciling things by taking action on Wendy, albeit belated, but no less sincere. This sheds light on the reason that war was declared so fast with no regard to the small delays that will inevitably occur in communication. It becomes apparent that peaceful resolution was not on the minds of LDI and that Wendy had nothing to do with the situation. They wanted all along to catch us with our pants down before they leave Simcountry and get revenge on us for our victory several months earlier. "No morality", there is no wish for morality because there is no argument or even rational discussion that could justify the attacks and recent actions of LDI. These declaration have nothing to do with Wendy and everything to do with the apparently still injured egos of the players in LDI.

In the past, we have tried a policy to keep the United Confederation limited to GR. We have not created a branch on another world. We have not organized our players on another world. We have not worked to monitor or even protect our members off-world. We have tried not to intervene with the politics of other worlds. This apparently was not enough, there were declarations of war. The United Confederation tried to not intervene or get involved. We didn't get involved when Sam declared war on Dirt on LU. We didn't get involved when LDI declared war on Tattooed Priest. We have tried everything in our power to keep the UC on GR and to continue peaceful coexistence with LDI. I'm sorry to say that we have failed due to the sole intention of LDI to conspire the downfall of our entire federation. The undying thirst for revenge apparently dominates the thought of these players. We did not declare war on LDI, they declared war on us. We did not bring the name of the United Confederation to Little Upsilon, they brought our name into this. We did not bring our organization or plans to LU, but have been forced to by LDI. Now, I have heard that they were afraid that we were planning something on LU. Many United Confederation players have been on LU since before the Great War on GR, many have been on LU for several RL months, and very few have recently moved there. If we were up to something, we would have done it long ago and probably should have judging by recent circumstances.

We were fine with burying the hatchet, but found that the handle had been left sticking out by LDI only to be taken up again while we were peacefully enjoying the profit of LU's good markets. When asked what would be required for peace, we were told to accept nothing less than accepting our losses on LU and accepting the LDI move to GR. This has nothing to do with Wendy, this is a demand for withdrawal from a world while they build up on our doorstep. The future of our relations with LDI have been made sorrowfully clear.

We will accept nothing less than our right to exist and play Simcountry. We will accept no less than the acknowledgment that we are only human and are subject to mistakes. If we must fight LDI until they quit Simcountry, then that is their choice; our requests are simple. The decision to go to war is made easy when the options were between submission in peace and submission in defeat. This fight isn't our wish or goal, we were more than happy to coexist peacefully with LDI, but it was not meant to be because of their warmongering intent. We must humbly accept these circumstances, the victor is in the hands of the Lord. All current and former members of LDI are open for declaration by the United Confederation.


I would like to affirm our peaceful intentions to the general SC community. We have just issued a strict order that for the duration of this conflict no other federated player will be attacked for any reason. We will stand by our treaty with Allied Forces. We will be more than happy to accept any help that is offered, and it will be remembered for a long time to come. If you are accidentally attacked by a UC member, message me for immediate reparations and resolution. If you lose assets related to this war, message me for reparations and you will receive it as soon as the conflict allows. I can be reached at Fire Dawning on GR and Flaming Eternity on LU.

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