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Treasurer (White Giant)

Thursday, October 16, 2008 - 04:50 pm Click here to edit this post
You are correct Nikos. After further investigation on my debacle the night before last, I found that Gamemaster Corporations did indeed take 79.2% of the 100m shares on my initial IPO of 15m. It is weird how you can only offer 15m shares, yet nearly 80m go out instantly to Gamemaster Corporations in this particular bug.

I only have the timetables for WG. So I really cannot assist you for LU because of the different clock times. But I believe you have the strategy correct and that is to do your IPO's during the latter part of the month's trading cycle.

For the layman, the reason for this is because Investment Funds automatically put in their orders for existing shares of companies that are publicly traded and have shares available. Once these orders are filled, the Investment Funds rest and it gives players time to pick up any left over available shares that happen to be there. It is at this time that I initiate my IPO's so that I have a greatly reduced chance of having existing demand for my freshly IPO'd shares from these Investment Funds. That is if I want no outside investment from them in particular.

In the "8" hour worlds, there typically is a 2 hour trading window three times per day. **IF you want more investment from Investment Funds set on automatic buy/sell, then do your IPO's during that first hour (typically the 10th of the month or so) and make sure the P/E RATIO of the company is lower than 70. (The P/E ratio stands for "Price to Earnings ratio" which equals the price of one share divided by the earnings per share. This is listed on each companies financial break down in the "Shares" section. P/E ratios below 70 create instant demand from the Investment Funds. It is their high water mark for executing a buy order for available shares on the market. Once the P/E ratio goes above 70, demand from Investment Funds decreases sharply and usually, completely.

If you want more of an opportunity to control who those shares are sold to (eg. Your own country Investment Funds, Your CEO's) then I have found that trading during the second available hour of the window is more beneficial to those goals. All you have to do is place the buy/sell orders to go through from each entity you control.

I hope this helps you and anyone else looking to have a little better chance of controlling where your shares go. Now be forewarned, this is not entirely foolproof. Glitches do occur on occasion where Investment Funds somehow get their "grubby" little hands on your shares, even with a strategy like I have. When you do as much share trading as I do, you get used to it and realize that not everything goes off according to plan 100% of the time. You take the good with the bad. In my experience, trading in the second available hour of the window, gives better results.

There are ways to gain back those shares should you inadvertently lose shares to an outside Investment Fund that is set on automatic buy/sell. Remember the P/E Ratio watermark I stated? Work on getting that watermark above 70 and the Fund will start dumping those shares usually. Also decreasing demand for the shares by artificial buy/sell orders have occasionally good results. Now, these ways I have described have no effect on getting shares back from GAMEMASTER CORPORATIONS. For some reason, even though it automatically purchases some shares that become available, the enterprise NEVER sells shares in its control. I have been warring over this for a very long time. I hope that the GM's do reconsider this aspect and at the minimum let GAMEMASTER CORPORATIONS automatically buy/sell shares that it has acquired the same as regular Investment Funds set on automatic by/sell. It is only fair.

As you all have seen me preach 1000 times before, I cannot urge you enough to steer clear of "controlled" share trading on Tuesdays. The server clocks get completely "out of whack" on those days due to the server updates that occur every Tuesday. It can wreak complete havoc on a large chunk of IPO's and you could quite possibly lose all control of your companies that you are taking public.

I really do miss the good ol' days when we were able to do those "controlled" IPO's during the first hour of trading. The reason for this was because their was virtually no chance an outside Investment Fund could get any of your shares if you didn't want them to and if you knew how to quickly trade all the existing shares within that hour long window. It used to be the other way around a long time ago. Investment Funds that were placed on "Automatic Buy/Sell" used to place their orders for existing shares that were trading publicly during the later part of the month and it kept them kind of "locked out" of fresh IPO's, unless those shares where still available during the second hour of trading, at which time they would pounce on them like hungry lions.

But Jozi and the crew felt that more involvement was needed by the Investment Funds to make the share market a more robust and integral part of the game experience. I cannot fault them for their decision. Back then, the share market was really not understood by many players and a totally neglected part of the game, just due to not having a decent understanding of how it all worked. Most players did and still do shy away from it. This results in a lower amount of publicly traded company's shares to choose from for players looking to invest excess cash into, instead of buying coins or loaning the cash out. It is my goal to help educate those players who have an interest in this particular facet of the game, so that it broadens their game experience and keeps them here playing much longer than they possibly would otherwise. It will also expand the base of publicly traded companies as a whole. More understanding equals more involvement.

This game is so fascinating and engrossing with all of its many different facets and strategies available, the Share Market being just one of them. The market isn't for every player. It requires an extreme amount of patience and time to master. It does attract the player who seeks a challenge and determination to take his/her economic strategies to the next plateau.

Good luck. If you ever have any questions concerning the share market, please feel free to message me at my main country on White Giant. (The Treasury Department). I will happily answer all questions that I am able to, or at the minimum point you in the right direction to who can.


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