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Treasurer (White Giant)

Thursday, October 16, 2008 - 12:37 am Click here to edit this post

How recently have you had Gamemaster Corps getting your IPO shares? I did indeed have an ongoing battle awhile ago over that. I am curious if that is still occurring or not.

I believe the timing of the IPO's is what is most important for the programming to allow or disallow instant orders of fresh IPO's from Investment Funds. I think this includes Gamemaster Corporations Enterprise as well.

It's possible Jozi fixed it. He didn't go into details as to what was occurring to cause this latest problem, just that he caught what had occurred to me last night and fixed whatever it was he found.

I find my timetables for most efficient IPO'ing is still working fine except for last night which again, might have been attributed to the Tuesday glitch.


I thought we all had discussed months ago during one of the Jozi chats that they would do something about the Gamemaster Corporations accumulating FRESH IPO's? I can't remember if anything was resolved on that or not. Do you remember? Or anyone else for that matter, if you can recall how that went and refresh my memory. My mind is a little fuzzy on that one. It was too long ago.


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