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Treasurer (White Giant)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - 08:01 am Click here to edit this post
I just did a round of IPO's in my main: "The Treasury Department" (on White Giant)

During the round of 14 corporations I had initiated, I lost 29% of one corp as soon as I offered the initial 15m shares. It sold 29m even though I only offered 15m shares. That 29% went out to various Investment funds, scattered to the winds.

I also lost 85% of 100m shares right off the bat when I offered only 15m shares of another corp. It was the same country, and same round of IPO's.

Please return the corps back to state owned entities controlled by "The Treasury Department" (White Giant) so that I can try again.

I also was never paid for the shares from the sale of those shares from the Investment funds that all the shares were scattered to. I checked every single sale message of shares and not one was listed as one of the corporations in question.

So in all, I not only lost control of the corporations, but also was never paid for the sale of all those millions of shares. I can handle the IPO glitches, but this is a little too far not to raise some issues over.

The corporations in question:

Vacation 01 - in The Treasury Department, (White Giant) currently listed as a country controlled public corporation with 71% ownership by my country. Please return it to state owned private status with 100m shares total back in my country's name.

Defensive Missiles 05 - in The Treasury Department (White Giant), currently listed as a country controlled public corporation (somehow even though every share is gone from my country's control) I was paid for 15% of the shares (15m of 100m that left my control, by my ceo "Federal Reserve". The ceo has 15% ownership and the 85% (85m shares)went to multple Investment Funds immediately upon the first 15m offer of the IPO. I also was not paid for those 85m shares that were just given away free to Investment Funds.

I am generous, but not that generous. Especially when it comes to just giving assets to Investment Funds of countries that are mostly c3's. Since I was not paid for the shares of each of these two particular corporations, can you please return them to state owned private corporations controlled by "The Treasury Department"?

I thought these major types of IPO glitches were mostly solved? I can handle the occasional snafu, but this is a little more involved than just losing a few shares during an IPO. I wasn't even paid for those shares guys. Please see what you can do.

Dan. (Treasurer) (White Giant)

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