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Canuk election (Fearless Blue)

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shane vataja

Monday, October 6, 2008 - 11:43 pm Click here to edit this post
well if u want to read on the carbon tax idea it is actualy online at or .com or somthing along that line

the 40billion dolar new tax is the carbon tax he promises so much spending that i dont see the same drop in income tax wich he promises

i might have the number wrong but we realy dont know how they are going to do this is the government going to set up an emmisions monitor on every smoke stak to monitor how much they need to pay? who says they cant lie say they polute less?

and he should try to explain it more not just say caron tax and green a lot to make himself look good percentage based emmisions are good they promote efficiency, because growth makes it near imposable to lower emisions completly and we would be left with less production and more polution

u want to be green ban pop and energy drinks both completly useless bad for health and makes people "larger" wich makes things less efficient also the manufacturing, transportation of them. wile your at it ban smokes recreational racing. both polute and are pointless so i wont go green it will kill our culture by calling them unessesary pollution.

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