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WG turns into a sleeping world? (White Giant)

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Nimz ..

Thursday, January 13, 2005 - 08:29 am Click here to edit this post
Aside: The Knights who say Knee fed on FB is around 9-10 rl months old. As one of the original members of that fed, I have been quite satisfied with the federation for the entire time. I'm sure the sheik would agree. A few players whose combined expertise covers many aspects of the game, plus a modest amount of mutual respect, plus something to aim for is enough to make a lasting fed. If the membership is addicted to the game, that helps, too :P

The FB market was just as bad as the WG market up to about a month ago. W3C didn't intervene to help the FB market. Think creatively, and maybe WG's market will improve, too. Others have already told you how to do it. If you're dedicated, you can successfully watch a market stay red for quite a prolonged period. Although red and stable is nice, I would say that unstable (even if just predictable instability) is more interesting.

With increased population transfer limits coming soon, an emperor can get several high pop countries quickly. I don't think there is any problem with pops. Even ignoring that, I heard someone has done some research indicating that fewer two dozen countries will have populations higher than 30M on WG within a month. Most are controlled by players that tend to try to avoid the top spots. That being the case, the few high pop countries will affect the rankings as little as possible.

With military, I have to go with Matt on this one. If a few players with 5M pop countries got together in a fed simply to share defense, they can build sufficient defense to protect themselves from massive offensive militaries. They would still have enough manpower to spare to have some halfway decent corps, too. Even if the corps aren't doing very well, you can make them halfway decent in several ways. You just need to think creatively.

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