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By the will of man (Kebir Blue)

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Sunday, October 5, 2008 - 06:29 pm Click here to edit this post
Here I sit this morning in my socialist abode, the all powerful and lovely California, sipping Venezuelan coffee made by my freedom fighting brothers south of the border. Day dreaming about the soon to be truth of a Mexican flag flying high over Los Angeles.

Viva La Mexico!

Viva La Revolution!

Why oh why would I move to an underdeveloped country(for my happy ending back rubs)when they, the "massagers," are willing to come here for the benefits that YOU provide. Whether those benefits be free Emergency room care or a roof over their head at their home depot haunt, while they wait for their RIGHT to work? Thank you for subsidizing my local labor with shade and gonorrhea treatments.

We import them because they, and we, care not about your precious immigration laws. Bondage!? Now your getting the idea. I like my bondage services to be of the import ilk. We know they can never stand at the US consulate and state the reason for their visit is, "to provide bondage services to the uptight Americans." The only way for them to provide their services is to bust the border.

Viva la Revolution!

The communist v. Illegal comparison is valid in the sense that both are righteous brothers whom are wrongly persecuted for the troubles of America. And secondly, this is the internet which by default means I dont have to provide any "peer reviewed" level documentation. Its liberating to say what I want!

Viva La mexico!

"Well one good thing out of all this, those greedy CEOs wont be making their millions any more,"

The rich will always find a way to get more rich, even if it means subjugation of some unfortunate group or another. Even if it means they take property to improve tax revenue in cities.

Viva La Land redistribution!

We love to condemn properties here in California. You say you have one here? Hmmm, sounds like a meeting is in order with some town council to discuss improving tax revenue in your area. Will give you market value(snickers) as we annex your property to give to some developers.

Viva La Land Redistribution.

I would like to take this moment in time to bestow the virtues of some politics that need considering in the upcoming election.


First. A cutting edge proposition in my lovely state of California.

I submit this for your reading pleasure.

Viva La Tofu burgers!


Senator Obamas Righteous concern for the world people...

Global Poverty Act of 2007.

Viva La Redistribution of Wealth(namely your wealth:))


Brothers, and I know you are out there! Stand up and vote! We simply have too much here. Lets give some away.

Also, love your chickens! Make larger coups so they can stand and stretch. make them large enough so that you can fit in with them as well. You will need that succor, for dave pat wishes to send all the "happy enders" back home!

What shall I do on a weekend if I cant victimize some unfortunate? Go to Church?


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